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02/06/2017 - SEPTA M4 Market Frankford Cars Failure

Similar to the failure on the Silverliner 5 cars, the M4 Adtranz cars used on the Frankford El are sidelined due to structural problems.

01/03/2014 - What SEPTA won't be giving you for the holidays

Not that this is of any surprise, but despite the cash infusion into SEPTA from Harrisburg, expansion of rail transportation in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area remains out of reach. The new funding will cover projects such as the replacement (or refurbishment?) of important bridges on the West Chester line (truncated at Elwyn), the implementation of "NPT" (the new fare cards), new positive train control (mandated by Washington) for the railroad and the purchase of more busses (which is a constant expenditure of the Authority; a byproduct of the disposition of the city's trolley system and abandoned regional rail lines). SEPTA has also prioritized replacing the Silverliner IV railroad cars to complete the transition from railroad equipment to rapid-transit/subway like equipment.

The list of unfunded projects remains large: City Hall station, the Wawa rail extension (3 miles, 1 station), new trolley cars, and SEPTA's beloved garages at Jenkintown, Glenside and 69th Street terminal.

12/27/2013 - SEPTA Jenkintown garage dead? Don't be a fool!

While SEPTA's spending charge card has been recharged by Harrisburg, SEPTA execs continue to use cryptic words when asked about the plans to build a parking garage in Jenkintown. SEPTA has acknowledged that their immediate goals are to install high level/ADA accessible platforms at the historic station, but use words such as "shelved" when asked about the controversial parking structure.
What is certain is that SEPTA continues to assert that there will be no expansion of rail service anywhere in the northern suburbs, defying national trends. SEPTA remains in denial that valuable corridors such as Fox Chase-Newtown would add new riders to the SEPTA system and provide much needed relief to the overflowing West Trenton and Warminster corridors.